Photographic Tuition    Personal or in a group of up to 3

Are you keen to improve the standard of your Landscape photographs, or know someone who is? Training is one of the things I rated most highly when starting out, as it potentially affects every subsequent image. The advantage of having some bespoke coaching is that your needs can be addressed and will help you relate what you are actually seeing into making a successful image. Sure there are a wealth of resources available in print and online, but they are more abstract because you have to try to imagine what conditions might have been like and then how you might apply this to creating your vision. It can be counterproductive and confusing.

Baxter has 20 years of photography experience and 16 years of teaching and seeks to use this to help you simplify the process of making strong photographs and build your independence. Ultimately, the goal is for you to be fully autonomous and confident to be able to make precisely the photographs you wish, with no input from a coach. In the past Baxter has run his own workshops for Light & Land and also assisted Joe Cornish and David Ward on a number of others.

If this all sounds a bit heavy, please be reassured that it won’t be when we are out in the field. Baxter is adept at finding ways to relate concepts and ideas to cement understanding and frequently in a good humoured manner. If learning isn’t fun, it’s often ineffective.

Your day will be tailored to what you seek to improve and current level of experience, complete beginner to advanced. Locations we visit will depend on whether you want to concentrate on coastal or inland images and inevitably the weather conditions. If the forecast is looking really poor 1-2 days before, if you wish, it might be prudent to reschedule.

During the session we would expect to cover all of the basic topics listed alongside in order to ensure that the exposures made optimise the quality of the image file(s) ready to edit.

If you’d prefer to spend our time together doing a ‘capture to print’ session, then that’s no problem. Like it or not (most of us don’t!), editing is essential and again something that affects the quality of every image you make. Learning how to save time with presets and use the different controls and tools confidently can make this task more enjoyable, but most importantly yield you images with the aesthetic you want. We’d use the latest version of Lightroom but am able to use Capture One proficiently.

If you are a film photographer, then this is something I can help with, having shot and developed all film types for many years myself. The downside is that changes made aren’t apparent in the same way as with a digital camera where immediate feedback on the outcome can be seen and discussed to improve your learning.

Baxter is based in Exmouth, which is in easy reach of some wonderful locations in East and South Devon, Dartmoor is readily accessible and the North Coast isn’t too much of a shout, about 90 minutes away. The Full day session is 8 hours of tuition and half day is 4 hours. The assumption is made here that the locations you’d like to visit are within an hours travel of Exmouth, anything further afield, please get in touch to discuss what you have in mind so we can agree either a supplementary fee, or less tuition time.

If you’d like to share the workshop with another photographer or two, then this is fine, please ensure that you select the correct option at checkout.

Once you have booked, Baxter will get in touch to find out essential information to make a plan for the session and when you’d like it to be.

The intention is that you can pay directly from this page with the appropriate fee. I think I have cracked it....! Please click on the image below, then on bottom RHS of page click on the 'Book workshop' black button and it will give a pop-up window from which you can select the option you want. 

Covid-19 update - If for whatever reason, you or Baxter have to isolate, then the session will be rebooked at a mutually convenient time for no extra fee. 


Click image to buy, then 'Book workshop' button on bottom RHS to choose which you'd like

PRICES - Full day

  • 1 Person £300.00
  • 2 Persons £350.00
  • 3 Persons £400.00

PRICES - Half day

  • 1 Person £175.00
  • 2 Persons £195.00
  • 3 Persons £220.00


  • 8 hours tuition full day
  • 4 hours for half day
  • Transport between locations
  • Use of tripod (please ask before)
  • Portfolio discussion
  • Lightroom tutorial (please ask before)


  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Camera/travel insurance

Things we will probably cover

Identifying key elements of location and possible shots to make,

Order of possible shots, considering weather, tide & light

Choice of viewpoint to optimise scene and camera height

Composition and probable proportions of final image

Depth of Field

Identification of potential problems and solutions

Exposure control & appropriate/creative choice of Aperture,  Shutter Speed and ISO. 

Use of Filters - Stoppers (full Neutral Density) , Graduated NDs and Polarisers

Understanding benefits of using RAW files and shooting accordingly to ensure optimum RAW file(s) are obtained

Planning your own Photo shoot, choice of location, weather, tide, sun angles etc

When a single exposure isn’t sufficient - Focus Stacking, Exposure for High contrast and Panoramas

If Lightroom session requested, advice from Basics to Complicated!

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