Avoiding the cliche of photographer holding camera...!

I relish the prospect of creating fresh, original, yet sympathetic photographs to meet a client’s brief or for my own projects. With a background as a Chartered Engineer and Maths teacher, I add analytical thought processes to my creative side when making the photograph, culminating in images that depict a scene whereby the salient elements are enhanced.

Originally I concentrated solely on making images of our Landscape and Coast, but have widened my shooting spectrum significantly in recent years. I undertake commercial shoots of properties or products, sporting and social events as well as portraiture of individuals, families and small groups.

I value my clients and am keen to meet and preferably exceed their requirements and expectations. I work closely and communicate effectively with them and pride myself in delivering high quality images in a timely manner to meet agreed deadlines.

Please make contact if you think I could add value to your requirements or if you’d like to find out more.

Description of my engagement in making Landscape images 

The ever-changing appearance of our world fascinates me. Identifying those moments that translate more favourably than others into a strong photograph is of particular interest.

I joke about having the beach as my office and really do appreciate being outdoors in sun, wind and occasionally rain. Producing my pictures demands intense periods of concentration to analyse the conditions, the elements, lighting and then collate them into a succinct, elegant and seemingly effortless composition.

Making pictures outdoors, I feel akin to a chef with ingredients on different conveyor belts travelling at different speeds and usually in different directions. Some things are improving, others deteriorating and there’s no opportunity to reclaim them. It’s a brilliant challenge! My mind is rapidly processing permutations and deciding what combinations will work best.

Creation of new ideas and possibilities drives me on, but if the conditions are right, will happily attempt to follow a similar approach to something that has previously worked for me. I prefer to be able to anticipate and wait for a scene to develop before choosing my moment for the picture. The alternative is an adrenaline-fuelled race to chase an interpretation I’ve seen at the last moment.

I am very critical of my work, striving for continual improvement in picture quality, both aesthetically and technically. Frequently I choose not to make an image, intending to return when I feel that the weather, light and picture elements will meld into something other than a routine record shot.

I’d hope that my style is such that for each picture, I am trying to harness natural lighting, forms and scenery into a photograph that encourages more than an initial glance and enhances the salient features of each. A viewer taking a second look, is rewarded with discovering something which they’d previously missed and thus is encouraged to look for still more.

Thank you for taking an interest in my photography.

Baxter portrays scenes in a harmonious and sympathetic manner. His strong, indivi-dualistic images frequently possess depth, a sense of design and are highly evocative of place.’

‘His photographs are intriguing, engaging & very atmospheric.’ Frequently the scenes depict serenity and tranquillity, yet others hint at wildness and a willingness to take risks.

Harmonious is the word that immediately springs to mind – having a pleasing comb-ination of colours, shapes, light, balance, and mood

You have a natural eye and sense of place. Key words are – evocative, quirky, strong sense of design, calming, sensitive, unexpected…….

I know it sounds woolly but I always think that Baxter’s images are sympathetic to the subject matter. His images never jar or upset because of poor interpretation of the subject.

Some of the kinder things people have said!

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