Prints & sizes

Print sizes

The world around us doesn’t conform to being placed in a particular box, so my pictures use a range of different aspect ratios to keep the compositions as strong as possible. My favourite is 5x4 perhaps from using sheet film in those proportions for so long. Prints generally come in 3 sizes and I’ve strived to keep the feel of these the same within the different aspect ratios. The website software was unable to cope with the different size options, hence this explanatory chart. Prints can be made to other sizes, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Table Of Print Sizes Grey

Prints are made using pigment inks on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm a heavyweight Matte Fine Art paper and have been since 2001.

Images for commercial use by businesses

I license use of photographs for businesses to use on their websites or to promote products. Please get in touch to discuss any ideas you may have. Do not copy Baxter's images from this website or elsewhere and assume it is ok to use them free of charge. It isn’t! Checks are carried out to see where my images are being used.

Printing for Artists and Photographers

I have a limited capacity to undertake printing for others. Prints are to a maximum of 61cm (24inches) on shortest side. Please email me or phone to discuss what you have in mind. 

Np 10 Brilliantlynatural 01 Print Percep

Julie Freeman - Brilliantly Natural from 'In Particular' series. Visit her fascinating  website   translating nature

Please Sir, I want some more!

Ensuring that the wood can be seen clearly through the trees means that only a small number of available photographs are published on this website. If you have a particular location in mind or want to see a wider range of images from somewhere then please get in touch. 

Appearance of photographs

Processing and adjustment is largely as done shortly after the time they were made. To some extent my aesthetics have changed over time, but I have chosen to leave them as a ‘body of work’ when selecting images for this website, instead of re-editing everything en masse. Some of the photographs will be revisited in future, but I feel it better to expend my effort creating new work. Before printing anything I will review how it looks, to ensure I create the best print I can. For example, where I’ve used sheet transparency film, shadows are deeper and some highlights brighter than I’d currently have them. Other Digital pictures were edited on earlier versions of software and could be improved using new tools and techniques not available at the time. Pictures have been taken on a wide range of cameras. I've run challenges for 'gear aficionados' to stipulate which image was taken with which camera, having provided the list. Success rate was low, just what I'd hoped!

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